Seminarium Zakładu Mechaniki i Fizyki Płynów

On the Inclusion of the Interfacial Area Between Fluids in Models of Multiphase Porous Media Flows

prof. William G. Gray, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, University of North Carolina, USA

środa, 14 czerwca 2006

Modeling of fluid flow in porous media is typically based on the correlations developed by Henry Darcy 150 years ago based on some simple column experiments. In fact, the extension of Darcy's law to complex cases has far outstripped what can actually be inferred based on the experimental studies. Here, we review Darcy's work and what can reasonably be presumed from his results. We then introduce the Thermodynamically Constrained Averaging Theory (TCAT) approach to deriving conservation equations at the porous medium scale. Based on this formalism, some results have been developed that suggest opportunities for improving the theoretical foundation of porous media models. Specific issues to be considered include unsaturated flow, the formulation of capillary pressure, and the expression obtained for effective stress.