Seminarium Zakładu Mechaniki i Fizyki Płynów

,,Experiments in heat and mass transfer in the Center for Energy Research of the National University of Mexico''

12:00!!! prof. Eduardo Ramos Mora, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Mexico DF, Mexico

piątek, 23 czerwca 2006

I will describe some experiments that are currently done in the Center for Energy Research of the National University of Mexico. The experiments that I will describe include: a) Periodicity and bifurcation in capillary boiling. Boiling inside a capillary is proposed as a model for inhomogeneous evaporation at the rigid walls of a boiler. I will show visualizations of vapor bubble formation and interpretations of the nonuniform time of the bubble departure at the tip of the capillary. b) Quasi 2D-Vortices generated by the Lorenz force in an electrolyte. Vortices are generated in a thin layer of an electrolyte due to the simultaneous presence of a spatially uniform electric current and a magnetic dipole. The three dimensional structure of the flow field is described to assess the validity of a quasi-two dimensional interpretation of the phenomenon. c) Natural convection in a centrifuge. Some effects of the Coriolis force on the natural convection in a slender container is described. In contrast to most problems of natural convection in rotating sistems in Geophysics, in our case, the rotation axis is perpendicular to the temperature gradient in the container.