Seminarium Instytutowego Seminarium Mechaniki im. W. Olszaka i A. Sawczuka

Technologia mikrosystemów heterogenicznych dla zastosowań mikrofluidycznych

dr Piotr Grabiec, dr hab. Jan M. Łysko, Michał Zaborowski (ITE)

poniedziałek, 22 stycznia 2007, godz. 10:00, sala Aula (II p.)

Organization of The Institute of Electron Technology (ITE) in Warsaw, with special focus on the Division of Silicon Microsystem and Nanostructure Technology will be presented. Our laboratory (clean room of area ~1000 sq.m.), which is located in Piaseczno, enables CMOS integrated circuits fabrication, as well as non-standard MEMS/MOEMS devices, research and development. Based on the selected sensors, actuators and microfluidic devices, which were developed (or still are under development) in the ITE, design examples, possibilities and limits of technology, applied physical/chemical principles, computer modeling, assembling and application issues will be discussed.