Seminarium Instytutowego Seminarium Mechaniki im. W. Olszaka i A. Sawczuka

Wieloskalowe fizyczne i matematyczne modelowanie zjawiska utraty spójności stopu MgCa08

prof. Andrzej Milenin, AGH

poniedziałek, 28 lutego 2011, godz. 10:00, sala Aula (II p.)

The multi scale physical and numerical modeling of the MgCa0.8 alloy fracture phenomena. Purpose: Magnesium alloys with increased bio-compatibility are applied in medicine for sake of high compatibility and solubility in human organism. Production of surgical threads to integration of tissue can be application of these types of alloys. Excellent and promising properties of MgCa0,8 alloy are specified as strength and biological stability for a long implantation, which are thereby focus of interest. The MgCa0,8 magnesium alloy have a low plasticity during cold deformation therefore the drawing process of thin wire is difficult. Prediction of wire fracture in a drawing process of MgCa0,8 alloy is very important from theoretical and practical point of views. Model of fracture is important element to elaboration, because of optimization of drawing process model. The fracture models in macro scale is not predict the important phenomena&