Seminarium ZTI

Combination of Isolated Substructure and VDM on Damage Identification

Jilin Hou

piątek, 5 grudnia 2008, godz. 10:00, sala S-4

An effective method of substructure damage identification by extracting local dynamic information of the global structure will be described. Two main steps are referred in the method. Firstly, the substructure is isolated from the global structure as a small and independent structure via numerically constraining the substructure boundary response; meanwhile, the response of the Isolated Substructure caused by the external excitation can also be constructed. Then the damage of the substructure is optimized utilizing VDM, which employs virtual distortions to simulate the element damage and reconstruct the modified structural responses quickly. A numerical experiment of a frame-truss structure is presented to testify the effectiveness of this method, where the truss part is isolated and identified. The result is also acceptable when 5% noise is taken into consideration.