Seminarium ZTI

A model-less method for impact mass identification

Grzegorz Suwała

piątek, 20 czerwca 2008, godz. 10:00, sala S-4

A new model-less method for off-line identification of a mass impacting an elastic structure will be proposed. The method is aimed at the identification of both mass and its velocity, makes use of the Virtual Distortion Method (VDM) and assumes the inelastic impact case, i.e. permanent modification of structural properties. Since the approach is completely based on experimentally measured data, no numerical modeling and tedious fine-tuning of the model are necessary. The impacting mass is modeled using virtual distortion forces and an experimentally obtained system transfer matrix. The identification amounts to solving an optimization problem of minimizing the mean-square distance between measured and modeled structural responses, the latter is based on previously recorded responses of the unaffected structure.