Seminarium ZTOC

The steady-state cornering of a wheel with a reinforced tyre with slipping (Report in Russian)

Ivan Kozhevnikov (Computing Center of Russian Academy of Sciences)

piątek, 9 grudnia 2011, godz. 10:15, sala S-3

We investigate the steady-state cornering of a wheel with a deformable periphery on the plane with slipping. A previously proposed analytical model of a reinforced tyre is considered. The surface of the tyre is represented by flexible tread, combined with parts of two tori (sidewalls of the tyre). The contact between the wheel and the plane occurs by the part of the tread. The force interaction between the tyre and the plane is represented by a model of dry friction assuming that the pressure of flexible tread on the plane is constant in the contact area. For this steady-state regime of rolling in a circle with breakaway and camber of the wheel and slipping in the contact area, all the parameters determining the form of the deformed tyre, the contact area and its location, as well as the relations between the external forces and moments, required for the realisation of this regime are found.